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HomeMade Desi Food

In the heart of Birmingham, nestled in the lively town of Small Heath, our journey unfolds—a tale woven with passion, family bonds, and a love for authentic flavours. Growing up in this bustling yet tight-knit community, my love for food was more than a mere interest; it was a calling.

As a child, I revelled in a world of flavours, always possessing a discerning palate. While dreams of stepping into the culinary realm lingered, life guided me down diverse academic paths. I found myself in the field of dental technology, a surprising parallel to the culinary arts—both requiring creativity, skill, and hands-on expertise.

Life took an unexpected turn during my academic pursuits. My dear mother, originating from a scenic village in Pakistan, was diagnosed with arthritis upon her arrival in the UK. Raised in an environment where fresh vegetables, homegrown eggs, and organic produce were a way of life, her culinary skills were deeply rooted in the authentic flavours of Pakistani cuisine.

Assisting her in the kitchen became not just a necessity but a revelation—a catalyst for realising my long-held dream. Fueled by my mother’s heritage, I embarked on a journey into culinary arts management, laying the foundation for our home-based Desi Food Takeout restaurant. This academic pursuit is not just about learning; it’s about gaining professional insights that will elevate our business to new heights.

Our restaurant is more than a business; it’s a gateway to the organic, wholesome lifestyle my mother experienced in her youth. Bringing the essence of Pakistani cuisine to Birmingham, we infuse our offerings with a desi touch—a blend of tradition and organic goodness. In our home, we’ve cultivated a kitchen garden where Desi vegetables thrive alongside hens providing fresh, organic eggs—a testament to the authenticity we strive for.

Yet, our story doesn’t end with the dishes on your plate. We aim to share the richness of our culture and culinary heritage with the community. Summer holidays bring the joy of desi cooking classes for young girls—an opportunity to immerse themselves in organic cooking, harvest vegetables from our garden, and connect with our lively hens.

Our journey is a testament to the belief that we become what we eat. It’s a commitment to providing not just meals but an experience—a taste of the real Desi world, a slice of organic living. As we grow, our plans for the future unfold, promising more opportunities for our community to savour the flavours of tradition and embrace the vitality of organic living. Join us on this culinary adventure, where every dish tells a story and every bite celebrates culture, health, and happiness. My academic pursuit and my mother’s generational recipes and skills aim to offer a healthier version of Pakistani cuisine, catering to our target customers seeking a nourishing and flavorful desi experience.

Best HomeMade Desi Food Birmingham UK

Real HomeMade Cuisines

” Same Day Freshly Cooked Guaranteed. ”

We use very Fresh Vegetables, Lentils, Lamb, Mutton, Beef and HomeMade Spices, and Cook everything on the same day. Our Customers Enjoy Real Homemade Meals Taste..

HomeMade Desi Food Birmingham UK

Our Kictchen

” Same Day Freshly Cooked Guaranteed. ”
Our Kitchen is Certified By ” “. Everything that We Use in Our Kitchen is Authentic, Fresh and Halal. There is No Refrigerator in our Kitchen. Because We Cook Every Dish on Same Day When Someone is Order.

HomeMade Desi Food Family Restaurant

Owned By Family

” Same Day Freshly Cooked Guaranteed. ”

“Homemade Desi Food” is Owned By a Pakistani Family Living in

Birmingham UK.

Based on 122 reviews
Tahera Zarif
Mashallah have recently started ordering food from this lovely sister. Mashallah she us so accommodating the food is amazing and service is efficient. Thanks Tahera ♥️ 😊 🫂
Nisa Varghese
Amazing, authentic food! And the owner is so kind!
Bobby Khan
One of the best home cooked food. We had a gathering and everyone loved the food. Highly recommended.
The food was extraordinary something i’ve never had and really enjoyed having. Felt welcomed as soon as I interacted with the chef and guided me through the food made. It was an amazing experience:)
Ishfaq Ahmed
I have had a wonderful experience ordering from here, their biryani is a must try and alfredo pasta, i still am trying out their dishes and each time i am impressed with the consistency off the taste and freshness, you can tell it was made the very same day.
Umme Osama
Excellent food delivered at short notice. Thank you so much.
Ordered some biryani everyone loved it the meat was nicely cooked very soft 😋 spices was just as we liked thank you..! Will definitely be ordering again
Elisha Armani
Chaat was amazing and so tasty! One of the best chaats I've ever had 😍 would definitely recommend!

Best HomeMade Food in Birmingham

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72 Monica Rd, Small Heath, Birmingham B10 9TG


+44 7914 543872